What makes the platform different from traditional platforms?

Resource library

Educational, interactive enrichment materials aimed at facilitating the processes of teaching, learning, and communication and making them practical and attractive

Effective communication

An effective communication environment between the parties to the educational process, including the school administration, teachers, students, and parents, through messaging and reporting tools

Teacher training

Once registered on the platform, the teacher will enjoy free qualifying courses periodically by distinguished experts in teaching Arabic as a second language

Modern curricula

The most popular Arabic learning curriculum in the world, written by a group of senior specialists in teaching and learning Arabic for non-native speakers

Integrated learning environment

Virtual classrooms, an e-learning system, ready-made test forms, and various school reports for management and parents

Beneficiaries of the platform

Schools administrators

For every school administrator that would like to keep up with teaching Arabic language and Islamic studies with modern technologies

The teachers

For every teacher is looking for an unparalleled curriculum and a comprehensive platform that makes teaching not arduous anymore

The students

For every student wants to learn the Arabic language with recent technologies in a short time quickly without hardship or boredom

The family

For every family who is keen for the children to learn the Arabic language in the best way and promote Islamic values among them